Top 6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Not Keeping Your Space Cool

Many of us would like to have an appliance that would last more than its expected lifespan. According to the US Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is about 15 to 20 years. Though every air conditioning unit is different, depending on its brand and how the owner took care of the unit. With proper maintenance and care of the air conditioning units, we can expect a good performance and high efficiency within 15 years and expand to 20 years of using the unit. The air conditioning unit is best to replace as it reaches the 10-year mark because it will begin to lose efficiency. 

 But on the daily usage of the unit, sometimes your air conditioning unit will not cool your space well, even though the unit is not old. 

Hear the common reasons why your air conditioning unit is not keeping your space cool: 

Clogged Air Filter: This is the most common and most household experience this, due to dust, debris, and dander. If the filter is clogged, it is hard for the blower fans to push the air. That is why the air conditioning units do not give cool air. It needs the filter to be cleaned or replace. 

Condenser coils are dirty: Not only filter will get dirty by dust and debris, the coils too. It might be one of the reasons why the air conditioning is not cool enough, the coils might be dirty and full of dust and debris, that is why the condenser cannot dissipate heat outside, because the condenser acts as a radiator that dissipates the heat and not providing cool air inside your home. It is important to keep the coil clean to have an efficient air conditioning system. If the coil will get dirtier it becomes less efficient and it is harder to make the room cooler. 

Coolant is insufficient: If the coolant in the air conditioner has an insufficient level, the air conditioner fails to cool the room. This coolant will circulate the evaporator coils and is responsible for cooling the air that flowing over it. Refilling the coolant requires the help of an expert, not recommended to have it do-it-yourself. 

The compressor is defective: A compressor is then the so-called heart of the air conditioning system, it is responsible for cooling the entire room, if your air conditioning unit does not cool the room, the technician would also look into the possibility of a faulty compressor. The compressor is a motor that is responsible for compressing the coolant and circulates the coolant through the condenser coil and evaporator.  

The thermostat is not working properly: If the thermostat is not working properly or defective, the air conditioning unit will not cool properly. Sometimes it may be too cool or not cooling at all. 

Air Conditioning parts are defective: If the possible reasons above mention are working well, and still your air conditioning unit Is not cooling well it might be that the other part of your air conditioning unit is defective, like the capacitor, control board, thermistor, and other parts. It is recommended to get in touch with the professional to maintain and repairs your unit.  

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Sharp Solution for that Sharp Shooting Pain

Lifting a heavy material can cause you to feel a jolt of pain on the back and sometimes on the legs. These shooting pain that travels in the lower back and down through the hip, buttocks and back of the leg should not be disregarded.  

Sciatica is most often caused by a compressed nerve in the lower spine and can be confused with general back pain. Sciatica is technically not a condition but a symptom. Some of the most common causes of sciatica is a herniated or slipped disc that can cause pressure on the never root.  

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve of the body. On each side of a person’s body, one sciatic nerve runs from the hips to the buttocks, down a leg and ending just below one knee, this nerve then branches to other nerves that proceeds down the legs into your foot then to your toes. Sciatica is not a unique case, about 40% of Americans experience this, it is a common injury to a nerve, an irritation and inflammation that leaves a pinching feeling or pressure on the lower back.  

The stabbing or electric feeling a person with sciatica feels may come and go. Most people do get better on their own with time and self-care treatments however not everyone can get lucky at skipping some treatment methods. Sciatica can be more severe in the leg compared to pain the back and the pain can intensify during long hours of sitting or standing. A sudden movement, a cough or a sneeze can also worsen the pain. 

No matter how common sciatica is some causes involves a previous injury, being overweight, jobs involving physical strength, smoking, inactive lifestyle, osteoarthritis, diabetes, lack of proper posture and most of all, aging, something all of us cannot escape from. 

Some of us don’t have the luxury to gain professional medical help and we often opt for self-care medication. Walking or light stretching can help with the pain and sometimes a hot or cold compress does the job but when the pain jolts us out of bed and compression no longer works, we go for over-the-counter painkillers. The thing is, not all painkillers are suitable for everyone, that’s why if you need to ease your sciatica, you need to check out ?Toluca Lake chiropractic.  

Chiropractic care aims to relieve your pain and restore your life. They offer the best sciatica pain relief treatment therapies with over 89% success rate. Sciatica can be due to herniated discs and they offer non-surgical and drug-free answer for that. They provide a spinal disc decompression that uses a computer aided technology to apply gentle and non-surgical decompression to your spine. More than that they provide free consultations for you. You only need to check to know more about what they offer and call through 818-506-3040. You can definitely visit them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30AM to 6:00PM if you’re near the area or if you have more questions you want to clear up.  

Contact a professional anytime you need a sharp solution for that sharp stabbing pain you feel. 

Things to Do If Your Car is Towed

Is your car towed? That’s not really good news. You can expect to pay several dollars to get it from the towing company. The two most common reasons why cars get towed are accidents and snow. If your car is towed because of the bad weather condition, below are some tips to help you go through the process. 

Snow banks and icy roads are definitely huge driving concerns. Even so, the prevailing weather condition doesn’t give you the license to park your car just about anywhere. If you want to get the road to clear before continuing with your travel, then you must park your car someplace where it won’t be towed or you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.  

Snowy Months and Car Towing  

February is a snowy month and it’s the time when you need to watch out for parking violations. Since the road is icy, parking irresponsibly could affect the welfare of other motorists. You surely don’t want to be the cause of a major accident. It’s important that you are mindful as to where you are parking your car. Always read the parking signs and adhere to it.  

When it’s snowing outside, the local government tend to assign emergency routes. They may be the same roads where you usually park your car, which means you’ll be surprised that you won’t see your vehicle where you left it the next morning.  

If the local government announced that there’s snow emergency, all cars parked on those routes would be towed away. You now need to pay the towing company for their service plus the fines imposed on illegal parking. On average, the parking ticket costs $250. Then there are the towing and storage fees to think about.  

What You Can Do  

Paying for towing is definitely not in your monthly budget. You want to prevent your car from getting impounded so you have to be extra careful with your vehicle. Some states tend to impound vehicles a lot during snow. You surely don’t want your vehicle included in them.  

In any case, this happens to you, try to find your car if it was moved to another location. Chances that it isn’t and a Daly City tow truck hauled it away. You have to call the public works towing hotline to know if your car is with them and how you can possibly retrieve it.  

Car Towing Services  

As you can see, parking your car illegally means that you won’t have a say as to which towing service provider would take your car. The local government appointed towers will handle them and you are at the mercy of their hook-up fees and other charges. Needless to say, try not to park illegally or you’ll have to pay the price.  

Other than that, your choice of a towing service provider can help you out. They can help you take your car to a garage or car repair shop in case of a car engine or accidents. It pays to find a reputable car towing company as early as now.